Section 3: Adjusting Prospective Statistics

Many parameters of the statistical calculation, as well as the display, can be varied, included image smoothing, color maps, overlay thresholds, global normalization, etc... This interactivity makes scanSTAT a very useful tool in exploring the data.

The next section of the walkthrough illustrates alteration of options which affect the data before the statistical tests are applied.

Tutorial/Demonstration - Altering Prospective Statistical Parameters

This section of the walkthrough begins exactly where the previous one left off. If you have made any changes since running the previous section, or if you are beginning at this section, follow the instructions in the previous section to bring yourself to the correct point in the analysis.

  1. Select "Statistics -> Global Normalization". This will produce a check mark by this option. See the reference for this menu item for more information on what it does.
  2. Select "Statistics -> Statistical Options..."
  3. A dialog box will appear with a variety of options.
    Click on the Hanning Filter button.
    Two filter size options (3x3 and 5x5) will appear.
  4. Select 5x5 to perform an aggressive filtering.
  5. For now, do not adjust the artifact detection options below.
  6. Choose "File -> Start Calculation" to perform the statistical analysis needed to create colorized correlation maps.

The calculation is performed as in the previous section of the walkthrough, with the new conditions provided by the changes made just above. Note that the statistical overlay is much more rounded, reflecting the Hanning filter smoothing which we applied.

The statistical overlay after Hanning smoothing and global normalization

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