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Who is eligible for listing in the Investigator Directory?
Brainmapping.ORG is designed specifically for researchers to contact each other, and to make visible contributions to the outside world. Only persons who pursue brain mapping research are eligible. Our directory will be reviewed regularly, and persons who are not working in this area, as evidenced by neither publishing in the field, maintaining memberships in relevant scientific societies, or seeking education in brain mapping will be removed. It is our goal to be inclusive, however.
Upload a File or Enter a URL?
If you upload a file we will store it, and you can use your www.brainmapping.org web page to share it from our site. However, it will be updated only when you upload a revised file.
If you instead list a URL (web address) that is a link to a file you maintain locally, then www.brainmapping.org will be kept up to date automatically.
Will I receive SPAM as a result of adding my email address?
We sure hope not. The information you place in this directory will be publicly readable (this is the point...). To the best of our ability to do so, we have made the database difficult to search automatically.
Personal URL
Space is provided for you to add a link to a personal web site, which will automatically be labeled, "John Doe's web page". Enter the complete URL including "http://".
Other URL's
These are to allow links to up to two additional sites from your investigator listing page. Enter the complete URL including "http://" and then enter the name that you would like the site referred to as in your investigator listing page.
Key Words
We ask you to enter a list of key words on your investigator page. We intend that our investigator database will be searchable by these words, and that we will be able to created investigator bibliographies automatically based on these and your name information. These feature haven't yet been implemented.
Your page allows space to upload a photo of your choice. These will be automatically resized (cropped) so that the largest dimension is 200 pixels. Your picture may look best if you do this yourself before sending it.

Information Sharing with Commercial Entities
If you specifically Opt-In, then we will in very rare circumstances allow commercial entities to access your information. This will be done only in the event that a vendor has a need to reach a highly-targeted audience of brain mapping investigators. We will require of any such advertisers that they indicate clearly that your address was obtained from us.
Why is there a separate Opt-In for Scientific Contacts?
If you Opt-In for scientific contact, we will allow people to add your email to mailing lists that offer scientific announcements, such as funding initiatives, educational or research conferences, etc... Only non-commercial mailings will be allowed. If you do not opt-in, you will receive no mass email from us.


BrainMapping.ORG funding
It doesn't. This is a privately created site given as a community service. We hope to receive modest support from vendors to cover direct costs in the future. If you wish to make a donation, please contact Mark Cohen.
Why is there a Special List of UCLA Investigators?
Because I (Mark Cohen) work at UCLA, and they are my friends.
Bad Links, Suggestions, etc...
Please let us know. We will do our best to keep this site up to date and maximally useful. Suggestions may be submitted [ HERE ]. There is also a suggestion link at the bottom of most pages.
You haven't listed my favorite Journal/Web site/Manufacturer / Society
See above.
What to do if you think you received spam as a result of using this site
Tell us, please, immediately. You should file a complaint to SPAM@UCE.GO . You may also wish to visit the FTC SPAM site .


The news content that appears on our home page is derived from RSS feeds supplied by a variety of sources and filtered automatically to address our needs. We do not directly control this content.
Vendor Data
We rely on the commercial vendors to supply their own content.
Courses & Education
If you run a course in brain mapping, pleas let us know. Send us a link to the course.
Image of the Day
The image of the day is selected randomly from among those submitted to us. Brainmapping.org does not fact check the content (sorry).

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